Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Currently watching 1 litre of tears, while typing up this blog. I guess I've literally been slapped in the face for overlooking the importance of a family. My family specificly. We hardly cared, took time to get to know one another. Though it's nothing compared to other troubled families out there, but not having the slightest giggle" is undenyingly depressing. Well perhaps we do laugh together once in awhile, tell each other off.. (me). After watching this film, I can't help but feel.. "oh noo.when will I ever be able to show them my love?"
I bet..if i was to write up a to-do before I die list, spending time with family would be placed right at the bottom,honestly. Theres' so much to see, too much to experience.. spending quality time would probably be my last resort. Wouldn't yours? It'll just never hit you, that spending time with your family, those whom spent their lifes looking after you, out for you whenever your in deep shiat* the one who pays your phonebills (occasionally) cooks, nags you to tidy up your unmade beds, undone homework, untidy room still, for your personal benefit.

It seems even harder, when your dad's overseas. mom takes up the responsibilities of both parents, sister's a pain in the bum, other sister just doesnt seem to get it'.
i still love them anyhow,


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