Friday, July 25, 2008

Have u ever felt so hurt merely by observing everything that revolves around you.. those who's blinded by temptations, riches, enjoyment on earth.. How can I explain this specificly? I'm sure it's always great having a few drinks, getting hung over.. (No, not a good way to start off )
What I'm trying to convey is.. My first day at lifegroup impacted me in a way, it kinda made sense, yet not quite? I showed up having all these questions in mind, & all my questions were eventually answered. By listening patiently to Alethea jiejie's teaching, experiences from others, & self-realization.

Would it be easier to forgive or forget?
let's answer that question with another question..
It would take quite abit of effort to hurt you in such way you'd rather forget to forgive? forgive to forget? (either way)
Though deep down,you're probably thinking "why the heck would I forgive you if you've....." or perhaps "I wish I could.. but I cant.."
another completely irrelevant example:
"Why would you believe in a God, if you can't see it, feel it, or touch it.. "
Again, you're perhaps thinking "Well I just do!" or "I wish I could explain to you..but..I can't"
See how both completely different issues corresponded? Yet the solution towards both questions is.. the exact same answer!
For God loves all of his sons and daughters, similar to the ones you love.
&& those who did not recognise God, hurt him as badly as those who hurt you, It's seemingly unforgivable.
But since Jesus died on the cross for us all, for our sins..he's built a invisible bridge for us.. through Jesus, we're able to enter the kingdom of heaven.
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John3:16
God's solution to all destruction, corruption, pollution is his love for us, thus.. to answer all I've mentioned above.. would definately be.. Love.
God did not yell out from heaven saying "I AM REAL, ALRIGHT? STOP PISSING ME OFF OR I'LL CRUSH YOU WITH MY MIGHTY THUMB" instead.. he sent his only son, to spread the awesome news.. therefore, why can't we do the same?

~impacting our world with God's love

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