Thursday, July 24, 2008


today's task::experimentation with colours on my IXUS 80IS

vivianyu && I


little adjustments here...

little adjustments there

little adjustments here&&there...

Yes, we're more than prepared..

behold! Joker's zombie brides

Speaking of Joker, Has anyone seen the Dark Knight yet? Obviously. Apparently Heath Ledger really outshined Batman in the latest movie? I wouldn't know, would I? Life's been running pretty smoothly for the last couple of days, merely repeating the same routine I would say..
Going out? drawing? && a tad bit of revision. I guess that's the beauty of life as a teenager, you've merely started earning your way through.. surviving the expanses, yet not mature enough to hold up responsibilities in life. Half way through, yet not quite there.. getting the drift? Also knowing striving to live a balance && happy life isn't as hard as you think it would be, just havetha keep your mind && body occupied. For instance, my daily intake for today:
2 slices of cakes (for breakfast) gave in to temptations there.
dinner + happycup
my blog's basically about my journey through life,.. striving to maintain a positive midset, being optimistic, discussing day to day dilemmas, focus on being creative & hopefully productive lifestyle. Most importantly, smiling ;) as nothing beats beauty than a smile on one's face.
appreciating little quirks in life

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