Friday, July 11, 2008

It is currently 5.31am
Though I ought to be in bed
&& yet I'm not
Everyone has their ups && downs moments..No doubt, this unpleasent feeling of mine's causing me to sayORdo things I might regret in the future.. But yet, part of me's needing to build of this courage badly.
It's all an emotional process I guess, and it'll ware of soon enough..Needless fuss.
Had an arguement with my sister earlier on, as I caught her taking photos of me while I was asleep. Infuriated by her actions, & soon told her off..I wish I wasn't as easily infuriated, which resulted me to.. Say something I meant only at that moment of time. Yet glad I told her off.. just not those specific words..
Why is it when I've finally come to my senses, wishing to show her my love? Giving us both a chance.. to love. Still She had to stuff it all up, by going against everything I clearly specified Not to do. not once, not twice, but constantly getting on my nerves.
&& by the end of it all, we're family

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