Wednesday, July 9, 2008

sit back
take a look around
What happens when drowning yourself in chocolate, & watching taiwanese drama films sounds like really tempting idea..
Finding out your family's currently facing financial issues? Everyone decides to return to Malaysia, && that leaves you.. no choice but to tag along.
when your beloved grandma && aunt's been bitching* behind your back, & ignoring is the only solution

someone whom i can find comfort in...

makes me laugh

listens to me cry


a sudden need of krystle ng's existence, a need of her love, her voice, her sunshine..

As i was reading through her blogs posted up 3 years ago.. merely because.. it's been way too long since we caught up, it's been way too long since a thought of her came through my mind, it's been way too long since I called her & cried! Yet, thinking back.. we've gone through quite abit. How stereotypical for me to click through blogs and merely looking at the pictures, yet this time.. I read every blog posted with my name mentioned in! (: Just because, the only way to stay in touch now's by reading each other's blogs. How i missed those times, whenever a thought of Krystle jiejie comes in mind, we're merely 10steps away compared to thousands of miles.. Life seemed simpler when we were younger, bitched, talkd, laughed, cried.. as if we're tighter than sisters, closer than bestfriends. her aim was to study hard to Melbourne, and now that she's here (Tasmania) I've never felt this apart from her, yet overhearing news of her current situation from others..

we'd like to think the theory of "best of friends till the end" still exist (this applies to all friendships) but the fact is, it's inevitable that life plays a huge role in shaping one's mind.. people tend to change through time, thus neither side could be blame for one's downfall..

Since Krystlejiejie&&I are both cousins..&& even if we've hardly talked.. by the end of the day, at the end of it all, we are family.

Sometimes our hearts get tangled

And our souls a little off-kilter

Friends and family can set us right

And help guide us back to the light.

old times, in the year2005

~it might be not so bad afterall,

returning home

wherever that is

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