Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today it was.. as I was about to share my story..
nerve-racking I would say, just like any other public speaking I've experienced.. yet still praying by heart.
"Pull me together Lord, pull me together"
& as I started, pin-drop silence across the room*
You planned to harm me. But God planned it for good
Genesis 50:20
This verse really stood out for me, amongst other amazing verses that I couldve illustrated on.
Before my migration to Australia, Life was indeed a pretty rough patch,and as I migrated, having the "a new country, new beginning, new life.." mindset..
I somewhat chose to foresee all that happened back in Malaysia, and focusing on the future..
Yet out of the blue, amongst my cousins and I, one who brought up the topic of how she knows about my past, more specificly what I've done*
shameful & embarrassed I burst into tears, as if the image of me "starting' a new life suddenly exploded into a thousand fragments, shattered by the truth, the truth that came out from my cousin's mouth..
My past felt as if It's been dugged out, realizing the scar was still where it originally was.
hurt by the truth, ideal image of my life crushed.
Till one day, attending church with Jaclyn Victor as our special guest.. Me and my cousins, eagerly showed up that night.looking forward to Jaclyn victor's performance.But surprisingly, as the service continued.. The question popped out.
"Who today wants to accept christ in their lives"
powerful statement, but a coward like me.. couldn't possibly raise up my hand.
Yet I did..

believe it or not
eversince that day
I've found peace in my heart
:) (happily sharing my lifestory)

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