Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm just unfit

So that specklike person running would most possibly be me, coming last.

Just few minutes before my race, I started to regret not training at all for it. When will I come to realise me being a lazy bum would only get me nowhere. Also, as the race begun.. & everyone was running at their maximum speed, I was definately falling back from the lack of training and previous cold obviously did not benefit me at all...
Finding myself completely out of breath towards the end of the race, complete loss of control of my legs, was living proof that.. I need to head back to running, fast.
Sherry: I lost control towards the end, did you se me?? (nearly tripped over)
Shirn: Oh,I thought u were just mucking around. Like wow~ Sherry!
Sherry: ^_^
Headed to the toilet,locked myself up, fell asleep for about 20mins, stood up wobbly, headed to the sickbay, and back to sleep again.

Attempted to take photo of each other ;)

Go Spurgeon!

Bec (Spurgeon captain) quoted :" I wish to see the little blue girls & boys will holding hands with the little red ones one day. "

Sun-baking in their jumpers :)

Expressing her creativity from within, on Athletics day.

behold ;)

By the end of it all, Spurgeon won the overall trophy :) All thanks to teamwork & no thanks to my participation. Though i did managed to brighten upa few faces with facepainting ;)

Highly addictive ;)

Space Cowboys Lady Gaga Album Megamix - Lady Gaga

in hoc vinces

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