Friday, September 12, 2008

Spring is living up to it's expectations.
Guess I'll have to too...

Jonathan Radojevic
pretty boy
Has anyone noticed the positive change of our Melbourne weather recently? Spring's living up to it's expectations! hooray~ Meaning less reasons to laze around and more reasons to... Go out! Stay tune,I'll be planning a reasonably long list.. to keep me occupied over the weekend!
Micheal Jackson's [King of Pop album] caught my attention in the papers over the week,being one of the top-selling albums & highly rated with 4 1/2 stars.. I was certainly surprised, knowing him as some "Wacko Jacko" black tryna be white fella? Moreover, the generation gap.. Isn't generation Y into R&B, Chris Brown?? Ne-Yo?? Instead, Micheal Jackson grabs the winning title for top-selling album? following by Lady Gaga, with 3 1/2 stars.. & others which I've forgotten.
Anyways, I looked him up on myspace music..managed to dig out some long forgotten songs.. Music which created history, inspired millions, unfortunately I missed out on such opportunity, shallow-mindedly & fearfully descriminating the colour of his skin.. "why the sudden change of colour?" Yet now, I too am inspired...
Celebrating his 50th birthday, the King of Pop

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