Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wheelers Hill Primary School Concert

3 cheers to an awesome night!
Certainly their performances came no where close to professionals, yet I enjoyed it as much as I would in any concert. A concert featuring not just sheer entertainment, but a fantastic range of performances on stage. Performances for children of all abilities, dancing to all sorts of songs. From classic Mickey Mouse, Micheal Jackson to one of the hottest songs around- 4 minutes by Justin Timberlake.
Hi-la-rious, watching little kiddies shaking their "thang" up there! To my surprise, I find myself completely blown away by Qiqi's courage while dancing to her hotdog & mickey mouse song.. Apart from being one of the first to dance up stage, & the fact that she's been coughing continuously in the last couple of days, it was infact my proudest moment to see her up there, having the time of her life..

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