Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bringing a little bit of colour, a little bit of creative flair, & a whole lot of family quality time!

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This might sound unlikely of me, noticing my tremendous change throughout the years, (clickity on my previous blog) I agree, I've never been the outgoing, wild party queen material. But I have change! No doubt on that, appreciating & valueing life to the extreme.. Observing my daily surroundings...
Mummy: " Have you heard?"
Me: "about...?"
Mummy: " Uncle Leslie's moving back to Malaysia. You know the guy who migrated on the same day we did?"
Me: "Yes"
*awkward silence*
Mummy "Makes me wanna go home...."

Though I am slightly more fortunate than most migrants, having a place which I can refer as home, the company of a loving family, supportive friends, positive environment. Sounds almost perfect; On the other side of the planet, Daddy's struggling to come up with the money, health risks, has always been a worry to us all. The sense of guilt piling up whenever a thought of it comes to mind, yet what else is there to do? But to value everything that he's given us.

Currently learning hebrew, a couple of Folktales illustrations during my spare time...
Having all these ideas in mind, inspired by books I've read, I'll come up with some art pieces soon :)

Though our future's a blur, lets make today matter

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