Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rainbow Snow Log
simplified as Chocolate Ripple Cake with strawberry garnish & flakes.
Yes, doesn't look much of a success.
Made it the day before for Josh's 16th Birthday bash today... Funny thought, I don't think I've ever put this much heart and thought into anyone's birthday gift, therefore it is a pretty big deal for me in perfecting this cake.. :) Sherry's very first attempt in making a cake!

method: Stack whipped cream on top of each cookie and join them together, resembling a log. cover the entire cake with cream, thickly. Placed it in the refrgirator for 6 hours. ready to serve straight after. :) decorate it if desired.

Photos from Josh's Birthday

Michelle && I [Wheelers Hill Secondary mate]

Michelle me & vivian

my new friend, Elaine :)

Yes karaoke with all you can eat buffet at Four season. Though it was slightly awkward at the beginning, knowing only vivian and michelle and friends i know through a long list of connection.. The dinner soon spreaded into different cliques, chattering within their cliques.. We took up the courage and began singing! lol more likely to be screaming our lungs out... the night was reasonably awesome thanks to joshie birthday boy, (no photoes taken with him unfortunately) hope he'll enjoy the cake and appreciate the effort I've put into "it"... Besides that, caught up with a few friends.. A night filled with new faces, enjoyment, chatter, and deep conversations... it's nice having a night like this for a change.

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