Friday, November 21, 2008

Schools out!


(photos taken in the midst of studying)

Goodbye.. BOOKS, SHEETS, NOTES. I won't be seeing you ANYTIME SOON! :)

Completed my last yet most important paper today, though every student in the year level completed theirs the day before.. Cheering "hip hip hooray" which was impossible for me to relate to...

Well obviously with VCE 3&4 exam straight after (3-5.15pm), gazing at year10s partying on the last day, stuffing themselves with pizzas

&& Sherry Ng just staring "stalkerishly" from the common room, She couldn't help but ponder..

"Why is a year10 student doing a year 12 subject?"

Why am I the odd one out in my year level? Why am I with the year 11s and 12s.. Why aren't I in casual just like other year 10s?

However,everything seems worthwhile now,

is the word of the day


Anonymous said...


how did you find time to take pictures of yourself while studying =S

slacker ~! xD

Anonymous said...

how did your chinese exam go?
being the only yr 10 doing yr 12
subject makes you special :D
have a great holiday in malaysia!!!
take care!

Sherry Ng said...

awww :) Darren- yes im a slacker
U cant say anything so SHUDDUP
kAT- awww yeh i do feel special, kind of :) thankss you too! on urr art lessons :)