Monday, December 1, 2008

Update Update!

It's been exactly a week since I arrived in Malaysia, life's been pretty awesome to be back home I must say..with roti canai, rojak, cendol, bubuchacha served for breakfast throughout the week. yumm~ However everything comes with a price? agreed? First impression as I got back...
"Woah Sherry muka dah kembang"
First impression when I bumped into primary school mates
"Woah, What did you have in Australia?"
First impression when aunt came over..
"blahblahblah" speaks in foreign language..
Throughout the week I've caught up with friends, tasted Malaysia's wellknown delicacies, applied for Diva, and am currently in Daddy's showroom working as a parttimer. :)

10 more days away from the "Big Night" which I shall illustrate more on tomorrow, but for the time being... instead of blabbering on about gibberish, I might as well post up a couple of photos emphasizing on the highlights of my week :)
stuff toys since young :)

Home sweet home

My Pathethic Christian~ :)

Kakak Roliyah & I

Roti Tissue!

Kuih Stall :)

Sheryl Me && Rina :)

Laughs Out Loud, Friends I've made.. :)

Sheryl Me && Rina @ Sunway Pyramid


Anonymous said...

I'm a highlight of the week?
hahaha niceee ;)

Hey you gotta bring back some food from Malaysia
LIVITA ;D bring that back

and you better drink some during this week wahaha

Anonymous said...

having a good holiday? sounds like your having fun... well hope you enjoy m'sia...
lol havent talked to you in quite awhile. miss talking to you. well i think i need more food =D yay for hawker centres and kopi tiam

cya in australia

Anonymous said...

waitwait were u at sunway pyramid o.o? lol i was there afew days ago..

Anonymous said...

darren- yes... like 2 weeks ago? :) LOL laughs out out
M- who's this? :) LOL