Saturday, February 7, 2009

Old School Pictures :)

Hello, the Dead speaking. (:

Heaps has been happening these couple of days,

but I'm tired.

....too tired...

Goodbye pretty posters.. ):

Yes, Mummy's planning to sell this house off, and we're all moving to the "other" house just down the street, So... technically, I'll be 10minutes walk away from my current place. :)

& & & I'm making every Saturday, Sherry's Old School Picture Day!

It's really inspiring, seeing how much I've grown as a person, and how little photos we do keep these days, (all stored in the computer) & as soon as we get a new one "BAM" All our photos go down the drain...

It's also one of the reason why I absolutely love posting up pictures on my blog, if anything goes wrong with this computer, I'll always have my backup blog pictures to refer to :)

As not many of my friends know much about me, or my history, or my life. since I've moved one too many times, from houses, schools,to friends; Really, it is a new begining everyday, new encounters, new opportunities, and ofcourse, a new day.

But Before I move on with today, leaving all these beautiful memories, it's nice grasping to the ones worth remembering, & never disregard your family & friends. (:

Learn to appreciate?


Anonymous said...

Ling was sooo cute wen she was younger! (shh it doesnt mean she isnt now... but yea. hehe)
And Qiqi looks so much like u too!
=D cuteee!


Anonymous said...


cos I can say no more =P

Anonymous said...

Ahaha, She's turned from beauty to the beast
oki :)