Saturday, April 4, 2009

Because make-up is FUN

Hmm. Wouldn't it be cool if I was a make-up junkie? Posting up different make-up tutorials and experimenting on make-up techniques, styles, and inspirations from my every day living? Well I've already done that, in art. It's cool trying out different things every so often. Dancing, drawing, even solving mathematical questions

It challenges your mind in all aspects. No point if you're only good at just one thing

Hmm.. Heaps to talk about today actually, my inner chatterbox steering within me.

Keeping the balance is crucial. I've learnt it the hard way...

"We are given 24 hours a day..."

"If I can make up a portion of my time in art, I could be... better"

"Yet however I am not quite doing well at my other subjects"

"Should I.. put all my attention into 1 subject? or balance it out on the others?"

Meaning, I would perhaps not do as well as I'd hope to be, yet putting the effort in all of my subjects rather than one.

After talking to a couple of people on this particular topic, I guess... as passionate as I am in Art, and as excited as I am in thinking about arts courses in Uni. Realistically, pre-requisite requirements do not only consist of only Art, but also for Maths, English, and a good VCE enter score.


Anonymous said...

i dont really think its a good idea to be a 'junkie' when it comes to anything... but if your passionate and love what youre doing THATS AWESOME for you- though, 'junkie' isnt the right word, lol - HOWEVER - drugs and hardcore partying are and exception... keep it up :)

Sherry said...

Thanks 'Anonymous' though I do know who u are..
Lets keep it that way
Yeh I am passionate about art, and thanks for commenting

Unknown said...

lol.... I agree when you said that alot of people come to your blog.. haha

Sherry Ng said...

Not alot fortunately.
But good enough :)
Besides.. I love doing what I do..
So it's nice knowing...
You read it ;)