Sunday, July 26, 2009

1,000 steps

"Jogging wasn't my main priority anyway...."

"Come watch the shaft of fire that glows"


However in the morning...

1,000 steps begin!

This is Alethea and I all pumped up for the challenge ahead, walking through slippery, uneven steps, getting our hearts pumpin' and some intense exercising!

Qi Qi tagged along too!

Worn out mamas

Pretend worn out daughters ;)

1,000 steps was good fun nonetheless, despite the hardwork and determination required to persist further, for each step taken is a step harder to turn back. It was an awesome feeling to step out of my comfort zone, to walk alittle, run alittle, and get my heart pumping a little. (:

Physical fitness is important, admittedly I am not as fit as I was compared to last year. When everything I talked about was physical physical physical and more physical fitness. Nice to know, I've been aussiefied by the locals. (Laugh Out Loud)

I guess one of my current dilemmas is.. time organisation, how can I sort out my priorities straight. Which comes first? second? third? Because from the way I'm seeing it.. First is Art, then......


Unknown said...

it is not about lack of time but the willingness to make time for each and every occasion.

There is a time for everything. :D

DZ07 said...

Fit alright :D
look at those sexy legs ...


Sherry said...

Hello hanley
Hellos darren

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

owh... it is that cap... no wonder it looked familiar besides it being the storm hat.. :D

Sherry said...

ahaha :) yes :P
U saw it in the car :) Grr stressing over which header suits best :(