Monday, October 19, 2009

Final Year 12 Art Class

The Year 12's Art Class + Me nerding at the back!
Mariana and I
Madii Fidler and I

ART 3&4
Jade and I
Behold the Year12 Art Class! In their gangstar hoodies and my "pretend" year 12 hoodie . :)
Evidently I am the only year 11 in the year 12 Art Class, but being the young'un and it's benefits too~
Well I won't be leaving Waverley Christian College anytime soon, another 365 more days to go... (: Though I'll definately be missing the company of these wonderful girls~
As they begin another chapter in their lifes, a challenging journey lies ahead; Hold onto God, and His Love, Never lose sight of the Greater, Our Creator. (:

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