Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yes We Can Have A Dream

"Yes We Can!"

"I Have A dream"
"Yes We Can Have A Dream!"
"Did you know no two people can see the same rainbow cos light bends differently through each raindrop to reach our eyes?" -Smart Cookie (:
Here are some mobile uploads (: (:

My sister and I have similar sized feet (:

~She's seven, and I'm seventeen

Darren Lalchand (:

P.C Poo-Crap, Just Kidding (:
Little brother Allan Huang
Retard Charles Law

The video above gave me the hibbie jibbies.

I love the fact that He released all of him to praise God despite the fact that it's a competition. He took on the courage to praise God, and that is amazing!! I bet every single student undertaking a VCE 3&4 subject is very much stressing out from the final year exams, myself included. Unfortunately while others find motivation from stressing, the way I'd usually process under pressure is... cry, sleep, wake up and feeling extremely guilty after. Hence, I'd rather not stress at all at this stage.

On the flip side, revising on Art for 2-3 hours daily has been extremely helpful (: I've been able to improve on my vocabulary in terms of art terminology. For instance, Chiaroscuro is the technique of using Light and Shade in pictorial representation (Visuals) Smart Cookie I am (:

In reality, money is possibly the solution to everything. At heart, only God is able to fill the gap.

It wasn't too long ago, when Art took hold of my every minute of every hour. As foolish as it might sound, I refused to go to God for His strength, His wisdom, because I felt the need to take hold of my future than to leave it in the hands of God.

"The chances are too risky, I can manage this within my own strength"

It was a difficult experience of which I've gone through, despite the fact that everyone around me was calling out for God, standing alongside praying for me through letter and conversations. It was as if God himself was speaking through them.......

Tonight I wish you all the best! :) ~God bless

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