Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daily Update (:

Daily Update:

Here's another daily update on my weight loss plan. (:

Ok, Let's be real here? I've been swimming roundabout 30 minutes daily along with Art exam revisions and "hopefully" a Visual Communication and Design 8 days scholarship to Tasmania. Juggling everything at once? Very difficult indeed.

"Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Gandhiji

By the time I finish swimming, my tummy starts grumbling; As a consequence, I ate more than I should've. Ultimately defeats the purpose of swimming in the first place. In the midst of these clash of emotions, I have to jam-pack the time to study and both isometric and orthogonal drawings for Vis Com. It all comes down to self-discipline really...

Everyone of us knows it by head but finds it difficult to understand it by heart.


PC said...

I think it's time to tell you what people have been saying behind your back ...

nice ass ;)

go Sherry go ~ although can't really help it if you eat too much
you just ask for it by swimming xD

but it's cool :) great for this summer weather .. wish i had a poool =\

a good friend.. said...

nice ass :D

ily ...<3

Wear, Show & Tell said...

Sheeeeerrrrryyyy... CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE sure that your sister learns to swim if not she's not allowed in the pool especially with Baby qiqi. ALSO can you guys just learn basic CPR too, or atleast have a poster up at your pool.

Sherry Ng said...

heyy PC
LOL U SHOULD come sometime ;)

a good friend-
:):) ily too? :) who is this good friend of mine :)

Grace jiejie-
oki oki grace jiejie

Matt said...

=) i agree with the above comments hahaa its been quite sometime since i've been on your blog sherry.

Sherry Ng said...

Hey Matt. :) well welcome back :D the blog missed u :P