Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holidays keeps getting better!

The holiday just keeps getting better. I guess... since us Year 11s are heading towards the end of year 2009, and into Year 12. Kids are just making the most of their holidays, before doomsville strikes in 2010. :) Here's some pictures from the social lastnight. It was incredible and definately awesome to catch up with old mates again :) As I looked around my wardrobe it was astounishing as to see how little dresses I had, and none of them were fit for Social. Well... more Casual than Social. Hence, I immediately ran to the nearby Salvos and get myself some Op Shop finds. & this is the dress I found. :) (Points at images below)
Images from the Social event:

Esther Minli and I
Esther and I :)
Esther and Sarah Yin

John Wan Darren Lalchand and I :)

Lovely girls indeed :)
Johny Radojevic :)
Steffy Liu :)
Vivian Yu
Andrew Wright :)

Kim Anh and Li Ann :)
Sarah Gunn :)
Nigel Chan and Allan Huang :)
Jillian Kam and Elizabeth Ng :)
Shirin :)
Silas Chauu :)
Zac Widjajaaa :)
Steffy Liuu :)
Vivian Yu and Bec Hu :)
Darren's annoying finger.
A proper picture :)
Us Art Farts with Vivian Yu :)
Chris Lee and Vivian Yu :)
Joanne Nguyen and Jilly Kam :)
Monica :)
Dean and Jordan :)
Beautiful ladies in the house :)
Nathy Boy :)
lol. Maccarrena :)
Chris Baybay!
Rockin' on the Dancefloor

Because tonight's gonna be a goodnight

& It keeps getting better! A couple of them came over to chillax and sleepover at my place straight after the event. :) Potato-couching to the chickflick "Definately, Maybe" was not completely the guy's cup of tea, but I'm sure everyone got some life-long lesson throughout the movie, someway or the other. :) Friends are here to giggle and laugh, to cuddle and hug :)


Unknown said...

darren was wearing something like a leather tie... O.o

--shoulda went for the formal... rather than being too bored in Msia

sherry said...

fun fun night indeed :)

kat said...

sherry! how are you??
wow you took so many pictures!
and you look lovely :-) you did
your own make-up right?
still doing art?

Sherry Ng said...

Hey kat, yes I did it myself :)
aww I didn't see u there..
where'd u gooo kat? :)

kat said...

ooh nice! haha i was invisible :D
no actually i lost the notice, so
i thought it was on thursday instead of monday. so i went to warragul for a few days (it was good!!)...i learned cross-stitching!

Sherry Ng said...

even I don't know what that is..
What's that?