Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Year 11 of 2009

It's a small year level we have, in comparison with state schools.Yet it's kids like us that makes schooling life an awesome place to be in. I remember arriving at this school struggling to compensate the school rules of Wavoz. It wasn't much of a struggle, but more of a surprise. With knee length skirt and tucked it uniform, Tied up hair, this reminded me alot of Chinese Goverment Schooling I had back in Malaysia. The contrast was unbelievably shocking in compared to Wheelers Hill. In Wheelers Hill, I was known for two main things, dancing and art. Hence throughout the year, I focused on Art which ultimately was rewarded with the Art award, and Major Winning Prize in the Art competition. Then Semester 2, I choreographed the year level dance along with one of the perfomance in our school production. Despite my short skimpy skirt, short shorts during free-dressed day. Schooling Life was like a breeze, but I remained focus... to some extent. (:

Today, Despite the tight as rules and regulations set out for us.. and the countless detention notices handed out for the silliest reasons. This school has definately shaped me for the better...

& the friends I've gotten' to know, are beautiful beautiful people indeed (:

This is the year 11 Class of 2009.

~Happy Holidays

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