Friday, November 27, 2009

Little Adventurers

Spontaneity, Spontaneity, & more Spontaneity....

This week is the week for adventures everyone! Not too far fetch yet adventures that challenges.. our... daily lifestyle. Life as a "responsible" teenager tends to get very very dull, maybe lifeless even. What's the point if a teenager scored straight A's and had little or no life at all? That's just depressing.
Which I'm pretty sure none of the us teenagers are. However, the challenge to step out of the comfort zone can pump up one's adrenaline.. To attempt the unexpected, To cross the line... Is risky but the adrenaline which comes along... simply priceless.
There are afew who would get piercings and tattoos, go on roller-coaster rides just for that sense of adrenaline pump. On the other hand, there are those like me... fascinated over the most insignificant things. To ponder upon the beauty of life...

This is the Glen Waverley Route. As for our "little adventure week" We've visited all the blue shaded area today! It was rather fascinating to visit places we never knew existed. Some were the ultimate "hole" and others were... rather interesting. :)

Our usual Hang-out, GlenWaverley. This photo was taken while waiting for our 753 bus to Boronia. There's two Opportunity Shops that has yet been visited at Boronia. Evidently they were reasonably big, and filled with good-fines. Hidden Treasures they are. Hence, Boronia Salvos is definately worth revisiting again... :)

Darren Lalchand and I at the train on our way to...

Mount Waverley Station.

In Mount Waverley, another Op Shop is directly located straight opposite the station. This Op Shop however, hmm is slightly dissappointing compared to the others which I've visited... Don't jump to conclusion just yet though, before judging this book by it's cover... I've once found an Oroton Vintage Clutch bag for only Aud 2 Made with Genuine Leather// :)

The Three Blind Mice on a mission to discover...

Chris Lee "Oh Shit" We're Lost!

Caught the train there and back, and to... somewhere in the middle of nowhere.. called Jordanville.

Random Chinese library that was located opposite the station. Seriously awesome stuff this is. This library was filled with authentic Chinese books, from calligraphy, chinese architecture, sculpture, paintings and heaps more!

The first impression of this suburb was... "what a crappy place to be in" But to my surprise, this library was really one of the most independent, unique libraries I've been to in Melbourne. Despite the limited capacity in terms of size, it truly is filled with... beautiful books.

Sexy China man really is the cherry on top of my Chocolate Sundae :)

We were soaked, drenched, exhausted,& trapped in the middle of nowhere....

On my way to the Wheelers Hill Op Shop, I came across..

1234576542 gazillions of snails. Grr apparently salt evaporizes snails because snails pretty much lives on water.. ladilalalaa Science theory. ;) is better off left unheard. :)

Little creatures... fascinates me...

Wheelers Hill Salvo's.

I've walked a total of 7.1km from my house to school today. :)

Jells Park. ;) Sweet morning breeze, sunny sky and a sweaty back. :)

Holmesglen. :) Before today, I never knew it existed. :)

At a cheap clearance store with snacks below Aud 2, & expiry dates over five months ago...

How convenient :) Surprising it hasn't closed down from selling expired food and beverages.

"Don't touch this" :)

Self-explanatory image. This is another stop at Darling.

No signs of shops, No signs of libraries, No nothing....

Little Adventurers on a mission :)


Unknown said...

Looks like tonnes of sweat, tears and fun! =)

I would probably do that one day myself, on a less hot day =D
For a moment there, I thought you and Chris jumped into your swimming pool with all of your clothes on =p

sherry said...

:) i dooo that on a regularr basis :) wearing my shirt in the pool that iss :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't the point of straight A's and "no life" now the incentive to create a BETTER life in the future?

Sherry said...

Yes I guess but needing to create a balance is essential.
I study hard when I need to..
and have fun as a reward :)
Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course that makes sense, however completely denying the straight A student a life is just unjust I mean seriously

They're making sacrifices of hanging out with friends at the local mall to prepare for their future?

Life as a "responsible" teenager tends to get very very dull, maybe lifeless even. What's the point if a teenager scored straight A's and had little or no life at all? That's just depressing.

Responsibility shapes character. You call it dull? Maybe you're not cut out for responsibility ...

Sherry said...

I appreciate and respect your comment, anonymous..
Maybe I'm not. I have not been called responsible all my life. & That's just the way I guess.. I'm passionate about my interest, hence I strive to be the best that I can be in..those areas.
I have to agree.. I've turned down several birthday parties to aim for the goals I've set to achieve. But seeing as the year is about to end, I don't see a problem in having fun. Me speaking from studying 3 hours a day.. Could not personally take that kind of pressure. Hence I see that as depressing. I'm not built to be that way...
Maybe I'm not cut out for "responsibility" But I do strive to be when necessary.

A FRIEND said...

Anonymous ? who are you? :D
Be a man or woman and show us your face!:)