Sunday, January 10, 2010

ArtRage 2009

Similarly with VCE TopArts, there's TCE Top Arts too.. Tasmania's Certificate of Education Top Artworks were held at Queen Victoria Museum. From my previous post, I've secretly taken some shots of the TopArts final works, keeping the guards out of sight. It's been a priviledge to have witness the top artworks of Year 11 & 12 Art Student's final artworks. Though each state, each individual has it's unique sense of style. I've personally enjoyed the TCE final works in compared to Top Arts. I've looked into both technical skills and individuality, Melbourne artworks had a variety of realistic drawing and painting artworks, as for Tasmania's range.. I've really really enjoyed looking at student's exploration with different materials in photography along with their mixmedia collection. Absolutely love love love.
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Untitled-Colour pencil
Ink on Paper
Untitled-Charcoal and Conte

Piece by Fractured Piece
Examiners Commentary

In this particular collection of work by Katherine Goudsouzian the exploration into the medium of photographic montage demonstrates an unusual and captivating study of the interior of an old house. Not only beds, basins and chairs feature, but on closer inspection certain human body parts can be discerned. The result is a lively and yet mysterious insight into how photography can be manipulated in order to compel the viewer to venture closer.

Mixed Media

Sewer line, Conveyors, Smash-digital prints, wood, metal, glass, mesh

Sewer line, Conveyors, Smash-digital prints, wood, metal, glass, mesh

Coulrophobia-digital prints, perspex, film

Twitch upon the thread-brown paper, acrylic paint, pencil

Face value-watercolour and graphite

Desire-mixed media

You left your mark
Why?-Spray Paint

Layers of Conversation-fabric, ink

Translate-handmade papers, tracing paper, ink, mdf
Not velvet pants-ink, thread, graphite, acrylic paint

Functional Isolation
acrylic paint on board, aluminium foil, sculpy

Glowing-acrylic paint on watercolour board

Untitled-acrylic paint on paper
Born or Bred?-spray paint, acrylic paint on MDF board
Someone's home tonight-aerosol paint, UniPro paint markers
Batteries not included-acrylic paint on canvas

Untitled-acrylic paint

Ideas must be put to rest-oil paint, acrylic paint on canvas


Red Reformed-acrylic paint, house paint, torn canvas on canvas

Constitution Dock-acrylic paint on canvas

Untitled-digital inkjet on watercolour paper

Pressure-digital photograph

Untitled-black and white silver gelatin photographs

Untitled-digital prints

Dead Birds-traditional HDR digital photographs

digital photographs

Super Street-digital print

Islands of Suburbia-digital photograph

Culture-digital print

Mademoiselle-digital print
Fragility-wire, newspaper, Charlie Fluff, glue, paint
Untitled-ceramic, wood
Faces of time-photocopies, shellac, gold paint, mattress frame
Untitledwood cut plates and prints


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