Thursday, February 25, 2010

Refreshing Sensation

Two updates in a day! :) Hah, I'm definately keeping up on track!
Hopefully these photos aren't too embarrassing... Just came out from a refreshing shower, speaking of shower... Has anyone ever felt the sense of refreshing sensation as they walk outta the shower, as if it's a sign of a new beginning, a new hope, and a new day?
Well that just happened to me! :)
Anyway, it's currently 1.42am.. Nothing has changed. School. VCE. The awesome company of friends. Year 12 Jumper Design. & Life. Have a wonderful tomorrow dear friends~
"Life is like drawing, without an eraser"


Lisa said...

Aaah! Thats my quote for year12 :S

Sherry Ng said...

LOL no worries lisa :)
I'm not using it :):)
it's alrighteys!

Lisa said...

Hahaha, thank goodness!

It's a cool quote aee? :D
Btw I love your pics haha, so awesome :)

Unknown said...

lol... you are that bored... Do some homework. :D

Sherry Ng said...

i cant/
lack of motivation...