Monday, April 19, 2010


FYI I was so not pretending to be on the phone; I actually was. :)

So Viscom SAC turned out to be... not today. :) but Studio SAC is definately going ahead tomorrow. Studying takes up most of my time nowadays... I wish I had something awesome foursome to blog about, but the truth is... life's just the way it is. Within the last couple of days, I've been working on the jumper designs and votes, studying, keeping myself occupied with school, my "unofficial" job, art and visual communication folios...

Speaking of my "unofficial" job... I've got an announcement to share! :)

I'm currently teaching every Saturday from 10.00am-11.30am and 1.00pm-2.30pm everyone! It's nothing big, nothing major.. Highly doubt I'd have the capability of teaching a large group of students.. Hence this is merely a small private artclass, and I'll be teaching students from the age of 7-12... It's an art&craft class.. with a collaboration of both, guiding and inspiring the younger generation of what it's like to be creative, be challeged in approaching different crafty activities, viewing the ordinary in a different perspective.. theres so so much more I've got to offer! :)

Well that's a short short introduction of my Dancingcanvas Studio artclass.

Keep a watch out for more art and craft by little Picassos on

I'll be updating the blog on a weekly basis, art completed by me and the students.. will be lots of fun! sooo keep a watch out on Dancingcanvas Studio. (link on the right side of this blog) This is an awesome priviledge to inspire, and it'll be amazing if you could show your support by regularly visiting my page! (:



DZ-07 said...

Should've tagged me as the phone :O
then I realized
this isn't Facebook ...

Too much online timeeee

you were missed severely
Just So You Know ;)

that sounds like a Jesse McCartney song

I blame you for my randomness

bye :)

Sherry said...

is that really a jesse mccartney song?
LOL urr dreamy like that LOL :)