Friday, June 11, 2010

Bought the Blazer (:

You know the blazer I've been rambling about since the last post? :) Well I got it. I'm actually pretty pretty happy with the blazer, it looks practically brand new and given that the seller only wore it once, and she'll be travelling to Brisbane on Monday, most of her clothings are for sale on gumtree. (: It is a trustworthy site, and definately worth posting up some of your goodies. Given that I have sold a couple of items, and have bought some books, dumbbells, and blazer myself. Although purchasing and selling might be slower than expected. I've posted up 3 pages worth of items, and have only sold four... Apart from my online trade/swapping spree, school was mediocre, youth was awesome! and dinner was spectacular...!

Have an incredible long weekend everyone! (:


DZ07 said...

You know what's cool about the shirt you're wearing?
The fact that [b]you're wearing it[/b]

ahhhawww hawwww
I'll be glad to be yo bodyguard again if you're needing to buy anything after 4pm from the city


Sherry said...

yar yar be my bodyguard whoopers :D