Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homework and Movies

Homework and Movies were my studying habits over the past couple of days... Although it isn't the best alternative, study-wise... but it's a better alternative for me :) Given that I tend to have the habit of logging on to facebook, or msn, or skype and begin a few chats with friends.. This was the better alternative.. movie-ing whilst homeworking. (:

Reminiscing the good classic movies whilst watching some IMBD top-rated ones... (:
Goodnight and Goodbye


Lisa said...

The Prestege is amazing! Gosh I love itt <3

Sherry said...

all the movies were awesome :) lol watched aladdin and the forty thieves, slumdog millionaire and 500 days of summer lol :)
hmm should do something creative out of this :D movie/homework marathon