Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That's Melbourne

Decided to have another adventure around Melbourne this week! Although I should seriously ought to start studying soon (which I will) Here are a couple of shots I'd like to show off before I head on to the books! Not much of a meaningful post but it was great fun exploring around Melbourne with some good old mates. Went beyond my usual visits... (op shops and galleries) A friend of mine decided to show me around Southbank, very exquisite place for my liking... and another group of friends decided to meet up at Galactic Circus arcade... lol.. Being a typical Opshopper myself... It was great fun to have been visited those places and more!

Southbank Tim Burton's polaroids
(very gothic photographs)

Australian Centre of Moving Images (ACMI)
I really liked this dark room, the manipulation of light and haze made me feel as if I was on a sky looking down to the clouds...
Too often seen on this blog. NGV (: National Gallery of Victoria
Landscape paintings
Oil on Canvas (:

So it was my very very first time to Galactic Circus in four years... everyone insisted me on playing at least one game, just one... lol.. and guess what...
the 1000 ticket jackpot (:

1000 tickets for two dollars! :)

"Highlight of my day"


Unknown said...

I like Chris' jumper =)

Sherry said...

he wears it all the time.
its like
dexter and his black and qhite lab suit now
chris and his jumper.