Sunday, January 30, 2011

40 Degrees Pool Party!

40 degress summer weather, private pool, loud stereo music, and sausage sizzle! :)
Today was definitely a perfect day to hold a pool party! Weather was great, the pool was clean, it's a Sunday and almost everyone managed to turn up! Woop~ I just love having a pool at home, friends near and far could come for a dip before uni/tafe/work begins!
Bong and I (:
Photo was taken with his DSLR, look how incredible the quality is. :D
Jono playing with his noodle (:

Steffi and I :)
mucking around after swimming (: haha, darren lalchand's squashed to death (:

Victory goes to Darren Lalchand!

Catching up with highschool friends!
Have an awesome holiday all!

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