Friday, January 28, 2011

hot and cold

Birthday Girl and I (:

I hate ice-skating, but it was fun ^^
It would be great if I was half as good as those figure skaters.. but ice-skating along the ring is soo tiring.. you have little control over your feet.. the floor is slippery and watching everyone ice-skate so beautifully is simply annoying. I felt incapable of doing anything in the skating ring. lol.
recording my day in bits and pieces
YES! I'm getting back to drawing.. It's been so long since I drew. Jotting down every experience I've been through this year, beautiful fishes or ice-skates, these memories are irresplaceable (:

breathtakingly beautiful sunset

We were indulging in chips and pizzas while admiring the change in colour of the sky, watching the sea catch fire to this never-ending horizon...

Superman blast-off!

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