Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Aquarium

Absolutely love this photo I took of the jellyfish! (:

Kok Keong and I (:

One of the few people that I've managed to stay in contact with since migrating to Melbourne. It was initially his idea to drag me to the Aquarium, but I ended up dragging him to the National Gallery of Victoria instead. :D We visited the National Gallery of Victoria first, from Chinese to European Art, then cityscape photography to world renowned designer furnitures. we visited the antartica penguins, baby hammerheads and jelly fishes after (: It's been awhile since I visited the Aquarium, revisiting the aquarium today definitely gave me a new perspective of appreciating sea creatures. Their so beautifully and wonderfully made ^.^ Did you know jelly fishes are made up of 95% water? and blind cave fishes.. are literally blind but could navigate their way purely by depicting sound waves around them.. and how about the fishes... :) I'm so intrigued by their pattern and colours... nature certainly has a way of showing it's beauty. ;)

Happy Australia Day!

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