Tuesday, December 25, 2007

unfinished "animal extinction"

portrait i drew of me&mummy :)

HOhoho.. merry christmas :)
though krystle jiejie couldn't make it tonight, and we were all still HOPING she'll turn up infront of the house. unfortunately hopes were crushed in the end. lol jks :) hell nooo.. not on christmas eve, plus.. she told us she'll be coming on the 26th, yet i kept the spirit of believing. IF only she could be here in time, unwrapping the presents at 12am with the others, like old times. :(
the party was alright overall.. food was great! company of the my beloved cousins. i couldnt ask for more.. but, there were still something missing, someonee infact. my bubbly, cheerful, LOUD, krystle ng. grr.. after tonight, ive come to realised how much i miss this incredible person.. Seriously, without her existence.. the party seemed somewhat meaningless. though heaps of presents were received, family reunion as always, catching up with cousins. but the lack of krystle NG was a physical reaction.. i felt so uncomfortable,adults were crapping about their past, kiddys chasing across the room.. yet only alethea was companying me through out the whole night. and waiting till 12.00 seemed like foreverr, and if i say so.. THIS" would've never happened if Krystle Ng was here.
an exact 48hours till she arrives.. counting down :) my beloved cousin. :)

christmas is NOT christmas unless the tree's up

zomg just look at the presents :) x2 in real life

foooooooood :) i eat to live

i live to eattt :)

my love ;)

lovely goodness mummy whips up



her boobs are bigger? shaddup idiots :(

food was served

aletheaa jiejie & i

aljiejie&justinejiejie&damien (jussy's bf)

pro martial art skills


grace jiejie +mint alcohol

jessica jiejie & i

the 31 yr old-aloysious

lol, enough with the negative vibes :) christmas is about thanksgiving and appreciation.. :) no doubt tonight was enjoyable, i'd just prefer if krystle ng was in the house, unfortunately not all ur dreams come true :) and to love & be loved in return on christmas day..

enough said,I love my family

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