Monday, May 5, 2008

once again, the 5th day of the 5th month of the year! 05.05.08
How's everybody's life doing?
I'm just glad i've got the internet back, after 3 long suffocating weeks (: access to world wide web, finally. Had the slightest sense of achivements within the 3 weeks, those which includes my personal timetable, getting mom's present with my weekly earnings! got myself a pair of boxing gloves, spending $60 for my phone bill, completing my homework on time, && reaching the goals i set for myself from my previous post. Though mum and i still disagrees with one another, every now and then. But, we've also begun to accept our differences. For example, her accepting my untidyness, and me living up to her expectations. We've also had some family discussions, regarding about returning to Malaysia, continuing where she left, living the life of the great o'days. (lol, boring family issues) As for me, just learning and growing independantly, i guess. Hard to picture huh? same here. But if this is what she truly wants, there's no point in getting in her way. Though, we discussed about the difference between traditional asian and westernized asian values, based on our observations and experiences. tradional Asian families tend to always have their money solving their answers, sending their children overseas, providing the best of the best. However, in western culture it's more to build up the values, even if it means sacrifiecing the opportunities in the future. tht was infact how my life turned out to be, having maids serving me for basically my entire live before migrating here. However, the comparison was obvious, with my cousin's side of her family. Extremely family orientated, with issues still but their values are incomparable to typical asian values. Just to back it up, china trip was living proof that asians have no civilization what-so-ever. (geeze, Im bagging my own race)

Just the other day, as i was having a converstion with the school teachers, it impresses me to see such dedicated teachers, not only teaching but caring for each and everyone one of us. building up the relationship, less likely to be found in my previous school, others infact. the feeling of home, at school?
~how blessed i am
Like the bible, though on the surface, it's simply a book. but , actually took the time to read it, just one verse, we know that it reflects to all ages, it might be a week, a year, 10 years later perhaps. it still reflects on us as individuals.

To Sherry
From Sherry

mum's birthday gift

introducing- Malaysian fruits

blue watermelons, purple durians, pink pawpaws, yellow mangosteens, orange strawberries, yellow/pink starfruits!
God sometimes says Go
God sometimes says Slow
God sometimes says Grow
God sometimes says No
prayers are like petals, for each time you pray, a petal goes into the kingdom of God

books I am currently reading;;

not an ordinary book
not a motivational book
but a book that inspires
for those non regular readers out there,
this book has showed me clearer, more interesting view from the bible. In my point of view, this book focuses more on telling the history but less on teaching.
highly recommended.

easy listening & refreshing

dont get a single word in ze lyrics!

must the winter come so soon?

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