Monday, October 27, 2008

Back to school

As I promised in my previous post, pictures of my final copy will be up as soon as I've completed my collograph piece! :) Thus, I ought to stick to my words. (literally words) by posting up not just the final copy, but my progress of .. my very first attempt of collography. :) Do be expecting a heap of pictures..

going for the cinderella vibe
stuck on materials, eg buttons, rice, lace, strings, cut-out cardboard.
painted on a layer of... i don't know. ;)
Monday: painted onto the board to create the following texture
finale piece!
Unfortunately I'd much prefer the board than the actual piece, but heck.. it's a form of art? :)
Perhaps I'll apply it sometime in the future..

students work :)

Apart from art, every Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays I'd be sweating my butt off in the (suspense).. just to prove my point, lol. brought my camera along with me today! So I could actually show and tell all about our wonderful...

weights room! :)

Unlike your usual gym, we muck around and laugh...

&& still get work done!

School Gym

is our...

asian hideout!


was off to Josh's 16th Birthday bash. Unfortunately not many photos taken since camera went kaputt* last minute though I do have lol..a photo of the birthday cake made by me and vivian :) lol. aww.. how awesome of us to do so. :)



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Anonymous said...

I think this is the one =D
I guess it really is an asain hideout. Yay for asains!

Sherry Ng said...


Anonymous said...

Stop pointing out my mistakes, just enjoy the comments!!!


Sherry Ng said...

I shall :):) lol. it's just gonna be a convo of us both I assume :D AHAH :)
well... chrislee. :) I stalk you moahahha :)

Unknown said...

That is some pretty awesome shit you have there.

I wouldn't even call it shit. Too glorious to label it as that. It's more like some artwork version of a modern-female Picasso.

And the cake looks awesome! Let me NOT guess. You decorated it?

Sherry Ng said...

ahahah. it's both me and vivian's work of ART :)
made poopie look good :)

*kRystLe said...

my awesome Sherry reveals her AMAZING talent once more :) Lynn will be so proud to see yr artwork
*mwah mwah

Anonymous said...

hi sherry!
cant wait to see your finished collograph print!!
wow cake looks yummy :P
if ur wondering who i am,
i did the rice-fields one hehe

Anonymous said...

Krystle jiejie! aww I wanna thank her once again for all her efforts and awesome teaching!! :)
ROSA- yes you're one awesomee artist bub. Never doubt that :)