Saturday, July 19, 2008

AH! enough with the cakes already!
Yes. My post for today will be on.. Daily intake
came back from work.. along with 2 massive boxes of chocolate mud cake && fruit sensation. && Michel's winter chocolate pudding. How irrestably tempted to chuck em all into my piehole,& So i did. 2 slices of Pudding, 1 slice of mudcake, 5 slices of fruit sensation in total. Worst of all, I had to end it up all by rewarding* myself with a bowl of red bean soup. Talk about not sabotaging your body ==, I've destroyed mine completely.


Just got off the phone with matt yum, rambled on about.. crap.(: Which included, dietary intake, life, meaningful cartoons (Dr.Seuss' Horton hears a who?), church, friends, self-realization.. topic varied from A-Z.. It's always nice I reckon, having a friend whom you can share your thoughts with, not merely on blogs as who knows when will you ever receive feedbacks. Though I have yet to open up the bible, but flashing back on Dan Lian's sermon lastnight in Youth, really reflected on my current dilemma* With the name" Jesus Christ mentioned everywhere in my life, every corner I turn to.. The spirit of Familarity starts to rise up, resulting us to abandon the importance of the son of God,Jesus. It's this sense of familiarity which blinded us from what could and will happen in the future.

"God, I believed.. you could..."

it's this lack of believe that blinded us from the creator.. worse still, focusing on his creations rather than he himself. what awesome wonders he could've done.. think about it.

Amongst everything we talked about, one which really stood out was..

Sherry:: Who created temptations?

Matt:: It's a sinning nature, that's naturally in us.. remember? the story of Adam and Eve?

Sherry:: Yep ;)

Having craving comes naturally in us, temptation comes naturally to us.. Sometimes, we do give in to these temptations, Yet the satisfaction's merely momentary.. For instance, eating 5 slices of cakes perhaps..moments later, realizing how much calories you've taken in...

&& another conversation which stood out.

Why do people constantly see the cup as half full or half empty? Isn't it just a cup of water?

It's infact proven that analysis is paralysis.There's always lessons taught in every movie, every incident, every disagreement.. the beauty of life.

minimizing the size of earth

maximizing the size of God

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