Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid-autumn Festival :)

The time of the year, where lanterns are brightly lit and carried around, mooncakes are enjoyed under the moon, families get together enjoying the wind and moon that brings a sense of warmth and ease on this particular day. It is also believed that if a moon is full, mankind is one.

Celebrated Mid-autumn festival at a family friend's place, and her birthday! A day spent with friends yonks younger than I am, and the priviledge to light up lanterns.. Only because I havent celebrated mooncake festival eversince the migration... Never really took the initiative to get em, besides Where can I get lanterns in the City of Melbourne? It's possible.. ;)
Mid-autumn Festival do bring back wonderful memories, walking around the park nearby to home, with Krystle jiejie and Aunty Mary.. and a bunch of "ah mas" a.k.a desperate housewives.. having moon appreciation parties, brightening up the dull humid night, sticky air filled with hungry blood sucking female mosquitoes, with our pretty pretty mixed bright coloured lanterns.

Vivid flashbacks on childhood memories, how daddy used to get us the prettiest Malaysian Lanterns, and hung them outside the house with other cheapo ones he got. Lanterns in forms like rabbit, eagles, hello kitty, and battery generated ones with music! Ahahaha..

brightening the dull night...

& the day of an 8 year old. ;)


my battery generated lantern, with "classic" asian music. Beat that!

a step back in time...

Back in the days
when electricity has yet been invented
lanterns were used as a tool of illumination,
which brought great convenience to everyday life.

~greatly impacted the world we live in today

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