Thursday, October 15, 2009

Artworks are up!

My artworks~

Jessica Chu's work
Oil-Paint on canvas.
Jade Cho's work
"Just a Little Bit of Fun"
(Epic fail with photography)
Acrylic, Oil, coloured pencils, coloured pens, black ball pen, ink, and coffee for the finishing touch.
Here I've explored the portraiture of my grandma in various mediums, I've decided on this approach as an attempt of experimentation yet having fun while making art. Did that make any sense? This work is titled as just a little bit of fun because it opens to interpretation. This enables the viewer to decide it's meaning for itself. For different techniques are used for different purposes, the meanings and messages lies within the eyes of the viewer.

Coloured-pencil self-portrait
A self-portrait completed in coloured pencils. Although I've received various comments on this artwork. Such as, "This looks nothing like you," OR "You look prettier than this" OR " Is this your dad". My hair in completely tied back while still wearing the Waverley Christian College uniform. My eyebags and dirty fingers are emphasized. My slanted eyes along with the eyebags emphasizes the tiredness and exhaustion I've been through with Art. The dirty fingers symbolizes my journey with Art. Despite the dirty fingers, and the tired eyes. I remain focus. The positioning of the hands near my lips, shows a sense of worry, tension, tiredness, but I remain focus.
Aging beauty (1)
This is a side-angled portraiture of my grandma, I've attempted to draw my grandma in charcoal whilst having to smudge the base to create light and shade. The beauty my grandma holds in hardly recognised in today's society. To an extent where my grandma herself would not classify herself as being "beautiful" . Little does she know, "everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it"
Charcoal portraiture
Aging beauty (2)
Charcoal in scribble technique
I've used a different style with this portraiture of my grandma. Here I've restricted myself from smudging, but to create depth through lines. The lines on my grandma's face is hardly visible in this photo. But layers and layers of scribbly lines has been done to create such effect. I have chosen with this approach, as the lines on her face symbolizes her wrinkles, and the wrinkles has a deeper meaning, wrinkles in a way.. gives away her true age. And that is the worst fear many women. But in the perspective of Art, I see this as beauty. These lines symbolizes her wisdom, her experiences, her legacy. They're prints on her face that screams "BEAUTY"and they are truly beautiful... when my grandma speaks, she speaks of wisdom.
Etching no.2
"Aging beauty 3"
This etch is slightly different from my previous etch. Her collar is more feminine compared to the previous etch. Her face is more detailed. and the mistake of my previous etch has been corrected. (: This is my third etching piece that I've done. As the previous two were attempts that led to this etch. This etch emphasizes alot more on the wrinkles on her face yet balancing the etch with a slight feminity with collar.
Goache paint on paper.
Mariana's work
The beautiful one, Mrs McKercher. (:
Design Technology
Visual Communication Architectural model
Here it is everyone, My work I've completed all throughout the year. Although they are heaps more, but I've only chosen afew which I felt was worthy of being displayed in presentation night. (: (& the limited amount of artworks we were allowed to exhibit) VCE Art has been exhausting, but utterly satisfying. I know I won't look back in regrets, as I've achieve the goals I've set to achieve at the start of 2009. Good news is, I might be doing Studio Art in 2010!! :) More fun~~
This journey has definately been bittersweet. Bitter during the progression of Art, Sweet as it has finally paid off. the analogy of No pain, No gain fits in perfectly. Both teachers have been the absolute best in encouraging and supportive of my progression with Art. With Art, I have been able to be challenged constantly, climbing up the ladder...
"Take hold of the opportunities ahead"
Another month till examination, Another couple of months till the life of year 12 begins...
Take hold of the opportunities ahead, is a piece of advice I have to my readers. Don't stand where you're at, as the world is changing rapidly. Stopping for a split second would only hold you back......


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