Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Peeps!
hope it isn't too late to wish you beautiful faces, a happy chappy new year!!
Life's filled with surprises, isn't it?
Unlike maths, life questions does not require a definite answer.
My apologies for my previous post, it certainly wasn't a good "post" to start the year off with. However, I've been nothing but honest in my blog. Whether if it's the ups or downs.. I blog it the way it is, not the way it should be.
Another 4 more days till my flight back home, To be frank.. I've only just started to enjoy my time in KL.. All thanks to my beloved sunshine, Krystle Ng JieJie. Don't get me wrong, I've had heaps of fun through out my stay in Malaysia. Caught up with Friends, Spent time with family, visiting well-known places.. But only yesterday, did I get to spend some cousinly loving time with my beloved cousin, ahahah
"blood is thicker than friendship"
"what the heck, don't you mean..."
"blood is thicker than water"
=.= same thing.
"family is a haven in a heartless world"

Sisterly love

&& baby Kiersten!

Laundry :)

Afiq & I

afiq & krystle

Individual Shots:

Ahahaha, it's nice not taking yourself too seriously & letting it all out once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

iFlol ~ thicker than friends ..

dude if you see blood on a floor
and your friend on the floor
just see who occupies more space heightwise ;D

ilol anywaysh yes party party party ~ but it's time to come back here >=D

so has everyone gone back to schoool?

Sherry Ng said...

well ahah I am talking to you on msn lol blogger and facebook how annoying can i get?
well that's the least i can do, afterlol.. weeks of not talking to yaa ;)

Anonymous said...

lol bring MySpace into the picture and you'v got annoyance of epic proportions :}

haha kidding kidding it's always a joy to .. watch your typing on the other end of the world .. :S

right lol is this a second new years post? bit late lol

bit 12 days late ~ loLL
post another xD

Anonymous said...

shiek err!!
ur so gorgeous!! and krystle and everyone!!!! so happy too see ur smileeeeeee! anyways girl, i miss you like a monkeys butt which im nto sure what that means, but it jsut came out!! hahah hehe.. ok not enough sleep!!

anyways girl! looking foward to ur many more updates beautifulll!

love muchly,
al jie.

*kRystLe said...

hey al jie!
aww thanks
I was literally high and emotional
oh my gosh
it's the 2nd time i've been high, and and and by drinking the same THINGG
"sangri-la" 's the namee apparently :)

Daniel said...

Yeh, I met you the other day with Su Yin. Thanks for dropping by, I'll link you up (: