Monday, April 13, 2009

Knowing the cheapskate that I am... Its been tough getting a costume and also a present for Vivian's Birthday.. (yes, on very very tight budget indeed) With only.. a certain amount of money to spend.. & Op shops weren't available anywhere due to Good Friday and Easter Monday, leaving local retail stores my only option. Though I havetha say.. it wasn't all that bad... :D

Sunnies from Cotton On, 2 for Aud10.

(perfect for my posh couple & I)

With help from daddy's hammer & screw driverr

I am now the biggest nerd ever.

ever heard of the saying "the bigger the better?" :)

Jonathan Radojevic

Hanley :)


Unknown said...

Lol.... nice... you managed to take out the lens... :D

Sherry said...

ahaha yeh :)
and i took out andy's too :D